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Since 1994, the professional electricians at Fayetteville Action Electric and HVAC Repair LLC as one of the most trusted electrical companies have been serving residential clients throughout the Fayetteville area. We get it right the first time, presenting the complete electrical services including installation, upgrade, and restore solutions available. You can be sure calling Fayetteville Action Electric and HVAC Repair LLC, knowing that our well prepared electricians will care for you, your family, and your home with the respect and attention to safety you deserve. Whether it’s hanging an electric bulb, ceiling fan, installing a landscape lighting system, or upgrading a commercial structure, or other electrical services, you can call on Fayetteville Action Electric and HVAC Repair LLC. We have the ability to make things better!

The level of service at Action Electric of Fayetteville is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with. Thank you!

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We care about electrical safety of your home and safety of your family.

Fayetteville Action Electric and HVAC Repair LLC
Address: 5319 Yadkin Rd Fayetteville, NC 28313
Phone: (910) 476-6586

An electrical upgrade by Fayetteville Action Electric and HVAC Repair LLC will ensure that you will avoid electrical hazards. The common life-span of a home is now more than 35 years. Many homes were built before most of today’s electrical gadgets were even invented. When you need help in a pinch, call Fayetteville Action Electric and HVAC Repair LLC, (910) 476-6586, for all your property maintenance, appliance repairs and electrical repairs. We know what it’s like to have somebody scheduled to view a unit and you discover the ice maker is broken or you find out that the electrical outlet on the patio stopped working when you plugged in the vacuum cleaner. Our electrician service is available for you to help you repair everything around your property in a timely manner.
We are totally committed to your job satisfaction and the best positive outcome.Fayetteville Action Electric and HVAC Repair LLC has provided all around assistance in Fayetteville, NC for 18 YEARS. We are an all-inclusive service, catering to your every need, whether it’s parking lot and interior lighting, refrigerators, dishwashers, air conditioning, heaters, and the list goes on. No job is too small or unimportant. We are familiar with all local and surrounding areas and we have strong connections with other local businesses so we can help you with minor or major repairs or maintenance of any kind and get them done quickly. We offer scheduled maintenance plans as well as emergency, on-call, and one-time visits. Depending on the size and number of your buildings and your ongoing needs we can set up a schedule to come out weekly, monthly or quarterly, whatever you need.

You can rely on our electrical service experienceOur prices are affordable and we offer discounts for senior and military customers. We also offer monthly volume discounts for those large apartment complexes with high turnover that need more frequent attention. We can service your entire industrial property and can invoice you with one bill or individually, itemized by tenant if your agreements state that they will be responsible for such maintenance or repairs. Call Fayetteville Action Electric and HVAC Repair LLC today for a free property maintenance overview (910) 476-6586. Together we can walk your property and determine what areas need immediate attention and one of our knowledgeable maintenance and repair technicians can assist you in identifying and planning for preventative maintenance to avoid costly and disruptive appliance repairs or electrical repairs in the future.

It is more about light than everything else, isn’t it? A professional electrician will never allow the darkness to sneak into your home. Fayetteville Action Electric and HVAC Repair LLC is a reputed electrical company serving the needs of residential and commercial customers in Fayetteville, NC. Our team of technicians is well-trained, bonded and insured. Every person working for our company has passed a full background check, so your safety is fully ensured. Since 1994, we have been marveling the citizens with our unique and outstanding services. Therefore, our clients are always satisfied. Not only have our highly valued offers kept us above all other companies, but so have our extremely affordable prices.

Professional electrical services provided by reliable electrician

There are a lot of issues that have to be considered when talking about electricity. First and foremost is the energy efficiency of your building. If there is any damaged or interrupted cable connections, then you certainly have to have your wiring system repaired. Sometimes old installations are making problems with overloading and cause electric shocks. Therefore, an advanced and reliable network has to be mounted. This will not only make safe your beloved from having a terrible electrocution experience, but also will save you money and stress. Why should you waste time and resources when you have Fayetteville Action Electric and HVAC Repair LLC operating in your area?

When you first contact us, we will schedule you an appointment with our electrician. After we visit your site, we will automatically start reviewing your project. We will inspect the damaged wiring, appliances and fixtures. Next we will discuss your options and last but not least we will provide you with a free estimate displaying the costs for labor and materials. Be sure that we will never overcharge you with any additional or unnecessary costs. Our company is always fair to its customers, and that is why we are the most preferred contractor in the region.

If your wiring system is exposed to heat it becomes brittle. When the insulation looses its strength, the connections become resistive. We can reinstall your system and maintain the replacements. We will save you a lot of trouble and money than you would lose if try fixing yourself. No matter you whether you own your home or business facility we can act upon all electrical problems without letting you suffer. The problems at your premises might be caused by damaged heating, cooling equipment or losses of power of refrigerators. Regardless of the size of your project our experts will readily serve all your needs and requirements.

Professional electrical serviceNeed expert help to repair an electrical problem? Perhaps a power outage in your house or office? Or simpler cases of electrical issues in appliances and electronic gadgets? Whatever it is you need, Fayetteville Action Electric and HVAC Repair LLC has got you covered. Fayetteville Action Electric and HVAC Repair LLC is a leading contractor for electrical services in Fayetteville, with more than 18 years of experience and expertise under our label. But why us? Yes, there are hundreds of other service providers available in Fayetteville. Unfortunately, others lack the experience, skill set, and resources to accomplish promised results and high standards. No local electrician comes close to our level of professionalism and service quality.

Electricians play an essential role for residential, commercial, municipal, and automotive electrical systems. These professionals have undergone intensive training, field experience, and certification in the field of electrical systems. If not performed by an experienced and competent electrician, your electrical networks including phone lines, power switches, and power outlets may be damaged. In addition, safety risks including grounds and outbreaks of fire may also emerge. If you want to avoid these hassles and dangers that are threatening both your safety and valuables, it is best to delegate the assignments to a professional electrical service provider. Fayetteville Action Electric and HVAC Repair LLC carries 18 years of experience for both planning and preparation, keys to an efficient electrician service. Using our firm grasp in devising precise and effective plans plus our extensive preparatory skills and practices, we are able to deliver a flawless service for every project we undertake.

Have more safe propertyFrom installation of electrical utilities and devices for home use to repairs and replacements of electrical wiring and cables in office and industrial settings, we at Fayetteville Action Electric and HVAC Repair LLC arrive as the perfect solution for your needs and demands. Fayetteville Action Electric and HVAC Repair LLC offers insanely low quotes in exchange for superior electrical utilities. But cost alone is not enough to reach our ranks. Fayetteville Action Electric and HVAC Repair LLC is also fast and responsive. We arrive to the aid of clients in prompt manner, regardless of where they are, when they need it, and what they need done. No project is too challenging or too demanding for us. And where do we leave care and consideration? Yes, we care and consider for your valuables during our operations, guaranteeing that no valuables will be lost or damaged.

Electrical systems have similar applications, yet not all designs and types are identical. This has created a vast industry for different needs and demands. Our flexibility is all thanks to our large network of well versed and experienced electrical experts who have been trained in a relatively diverse number of specializations. If you need professional electrician service in Fayetteville without suffering the expensive rates, contact Fayetteville Action Electric and HVAC Repair LLC by phone at (910) 476-6586 or visit us at our local facility in Fayetteville!

Our professionals are equipped with top of the trends tools and supplies. Whether you need an emergency generator installation or refrigerator repair we will pitch in and help you. We offer maintenance services, as well. We are ready to serve your needs regardless whether they are restrained or colossal. Our company provides the highest quality service and the most reasonable prices in Fayetteville, NC. So the next time you need electrical repairs, just call (910) 476-6586, and we will be right there with you in no time.